Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I Knew It!!!

**The ORIGINAL Tripp Orrin

I knew I made an impression on George! So much so that he called Sarah Palins daughter Bristol and told her to check out my blog. We are good people... Obviously upon reading my many creatively written posts the name Tripp started to sound cool. I mean I did pick it for a reason. Sadly though it will now be way over used and not quite as unusual as I had hopped for. I guess that's the price you pay for fame.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

And to all a Good Night...

These are the last of my finished projects. I had others I did that I did not take photos of before wrapping. First pic is of the bunnies I made for my two nieces. The second picture is of a stranded neck warmer, the red string is just to keep it together for wrapping purposes. The third is a panda that I ended up making Avery. I think I did well with my home made Christmas this year. It remains to be seen if there will be a repeat next year. The final picture is of the kids in their matching pjs I was able to find. I love matching jammies for Christmas....

MERRY CHRISTMAS and remember the reason for the season. The birth of Jesus Christ the ultimate Christmas gift.....

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I Met George....

As in President Bush. Avery and I went to the White house yesterday and met the President and his wife. He spoke to us for awhile and then took a group photo and then we had individual shots taken in front of the christmas tree. He gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Let me tell you something he is quite a handsome man up close. It was such a surreal experience and a once in a life time opportunity for Avery and I. What a great Christmas gift....

Friday, December 19, 2008

Keeganism of the Day

"Mommy why aren't your underwear big enough?!!!! Are mine like that?"

need i say more, when he has tested us to the limit with his challenging personality these days, he pulls something like this out and you just gotta love him.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Some Gifts....

So thought I would post a few pics of what I have completed so far of my homemade Christmas. On a sad note we did have a slight mishap with one gift that I had finished. I am hoping I have time to redo it, if not oh well.....Water under the bridge Hattie, I still love ya!

frog softies for the boys. Keegan loves anything that has stringy arms, Tripp got it by default, sad but true..

Afghan for my dad. This is the first blanket anyone has ever crocheted for him. I think he will be surprised. Hopefully more to show in the next few days. I've been taking motrin for the elbow pain ;)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Santas Elf has been busy..

*photo by avery

I have been a busy elf working on secret gifts. I am trying my best to make this a homemade Christmas. I am doing okay at this point. I do realize how ever that if I decide to do this every year I need to start sooner in the year. I think I am getting crocheters elbow from all the work I have been doing. I would love to learn to knit someday, don't get me wrong I am able to do the basics but need to be taught the correct way to do it. Holding the needles between your legs can not be the most efficient method. I am self taught in most of my crafting, looking at books is how I've learned. Knitting has just not been as easy to do. One day right?! For now I will stick to my crocheting which I am very proficient at.

How has your holiday shopping/gifting been going?! (the above picture is in my kids disastrous toy room. Tripp loves checking our ears for infections, must stem from all of his and the tubes he now has because of it)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Name is Turkey!!

Lillian and "Baby Trupp" (the r is almost silent when she says it TOO cute)

So one of my favorite things about homeschooling is that we can fly by the seat of our pants. My kids were in need of some outside play time. They were also in need of some interaction with their friends. So I called up LeAnne and here crew, who called Angie and her crew, for a day at the local park. It was a bit colder than I realized once we got there (thanks for the socks Angie, you do love me). But we spent the better part of mid-morning and early afternoon enjoying girl talk and snacking while the kids played. It is such a blessing that all 8 of our kids get along so well. It was a much needed break and a great way to spend the day.

At one point Aubrey had gotten hurt by one of the girls swinging on the swing, a pure accident. The older 3 girls ushered him over to us and they were conveying what had happened when Keegan said Hey my name is Turkey! Nothing like feeling compassion for your friend....

My kids were wore out by the time we got home. I was busy hanging some photos in my room when Avery came in to tell me I wouldn't be happy and showed me a mini stamp pad Tripp had gotten a hold of. I said "Oh well, put it up so he can't reach it" I mean what can you do once the damage is done right?! Well a few minutes later in walks Tripp and this is what he looked like:

He must have been applying it like make up. Straight to his cheek then straight to his lips, you can see the perfect square of the pad, I don't think fuchsia is his color. When asked what happened he said "Shawn did it", this is his answer to anything he might have done wrong even if he is the only one standing in the room.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tough Love

We had sort of a field trip to the beach today. I had a few stores to visit in the area. I give the kids a "pep talk" always before venturing into stores and restaurants about the behavior I expect from them. I think this is just a good rule of thumb. I had told them that if they were well behaved and as quiet as they could be that I would take them to a park we had went past. It was a nice day and the fresh air always does us good, especially Keegan who is a constant ball of energy. Now I do realize kids will be kids and I can't expect them to be silent, but being heard throughout the store is where I draw the line. Well after 2 warnings of no going to the park Keegan finally lost his privilege. This is when it stinks to have to parent. Now I was going to just go home and everyone miss out and then I asked myself where the justice was in that to the other two that had been very compliant?! So we went to the park for a short half hour and Keegan had to sit on the bench and watch. He was not happy when it was time to go and he realized he wouldn't be able to play at all. I am hoping that being tough with my love has sank in a bit more for him, and he will know I mean business next time. (He did have plenty of play time at home this afternoon out side on our swing set/sandbox. so he did get his energy out)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Turkey Day

We have been visiting my mom and dad for the holiday. The kids are having a blast. Of course they are because they are at Nonie and Pappys house and they are treated like royalty. This weekend starts off our month long break from schooling. I did get a little work book that has a fun little over view of all the states. Something to work on when we are getting stir crazy.

Mom and I went out today on the dreaded BLACK FRIDAY. We only went to AC Moores for some crafting supplies. I am trying very hard to have a home made Christmas this year, so my fingers have been busy. I was able to send off one secret project today. One down like 20 more to go, I have time right?!

Before we left on our Holiday my Dad came for a visit and to escort me on a church dinner cruise. D was working so Dad stepped in. I must say he was a great date. More on that later when LeAnne decides to send the pictures (HINT HINT). For the time being here are some random pictures of Thanksgiving day.

Seriously how much fun are big empty boxes????

It has been a great week, but I am missing my peeps so we will be heading down the road in a few days. You know you guys are excited!! I mean what is a Christmas party without us?!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


When we went to the marriage retreat I was crocheting to keep me busy and my mind on the class (this is just how my mind works best). I was making Piper a sweater, her breed does not do well in cold weather. Since she got her first "big girl haircut" she has been shivering with all the cold weather we have been having. So last night I finally finished up the sweater. I ran out of black to finish the arm holes so I improvised with the pink. I love how it turned out and so does she, cause she snuggled right up in it and fell asleep, of course after I made her model it!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Sad Day

Thanks to some unkind neighbors we will no longer be able to have "live poultry" in our back yard. We knew it was a crap shoot to get the girls in the first place due to the HOA we are under. However the wording in our bylaws make it so that you can have up to two of any kind of animal, live stock or other wise. Now we also knew this was just a technical error, but we decided to give it a try. It had been a dream of mine to have my own chickens to gather eggs from. I LOVED Little House On The Prairie, and would dream of being "Half Pint". I was a tomboy growing up and wasn't afraid to get dirty. I dream of one day owning a small farmette. A place where we can have a few fruit trees and gardens and yes even some LIVE POULTRY. Nothing huge but a place to get my hands dirty and eat things that we have grown and raised.

For now though I guess the raised part of the dream is over for this yard. I got my nasty gram from the HOA stating that some homeowners had reported that we have live poultry on our property and we have to remove them within 5 days. My girls are quiet and don't smell and are truly pets at this point. They follow me around the yard if I am out while I let them free range. We are able to pick them up and they have been known to come to the backdoor and peck for me to come out. We have a six foot high privacy fence around the entire back yard and the coop is no higher than it. So no one is truly able to see in our back yard due to our positioning on a turn and no houses are behind us, just woods and fields. My kids are pretty upset by the whole thing and they of course do not understand why we need to get rid of our pets, try to explain that one to a 7 and 4 year old.

So now all we will be left with are pictures and the sad knowledge that the eggs we are buying from the store quite frankly suck!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Growing Life..

I have had a busy few days. After church tomorrow all will settle down for a bit (at least this is what I am telling myself to keep sane). After a 10 hour day yesterday and a full morning/afternoon I have fallen into bed in exhaustion. I did how ever get to take some photos for a friend of mine who is due with her first baby (a boy) on Christmas Eve. Could you think of a better Christmas gift?! I had a great time taking photos of her belly and she was just so darn cute. It made me miss my belly (don't worry dad and mom I don't miss it that bad)! So I thought I would post a few of my faves. I'm not claiming to be a professional, but I don't think I did too bad.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Seven years.....

getting her american girl doll Kit

sending off our birthday wishes

she doesn't like cake a whole lot or frosting either

It is hard to believe my oldest is 7. I have such vivid memories of our first hours together in the hospital. She was perfect and all I wanted to do was stare at her. She did everything fast. Walked before a year, talked in 3 word sentences by a year, was potty trained fully a week after she turned 2. We are the best of friends. I get down on my self because sometimes I know I am too hard on her. It is hard not to be though cause she acts so much older than her age and I tend to forget that she is just 7. I am not perfect but she is pretty darn close to it! I am so proud of her and her kind and loving and gentle spirit. She has always shared even when not asked. I don't think there is a mean bone in her body (well unless your her little bother who has bugged her all day and she finally has had enough). She is my side kick and I love that. I love this girl..

Friday, November 7, 2008


We had our homeschool co-op Thanksgiving dinner tonight. Christy and Jeff were kind enough to open their home to the whole lot of us. It was such a nice set up. We went earlier in the day to do arts/crafts. The kids made the center pieces for the middle of the tables. Wreaths with autumn leaves and pumpkins and votives to sit in the middle (they looked great LeAnne)!!

We heard the story of the 5 kernels of corn. It was quite interesting. I learned a few things myself. The kids did a few songs for us.

LeAnne and I being dorks. I told you I would make you famous ;) I of course had to give her a hard time cause she had to bend down to get to my level and I even had heels on. Either she is really tall or I am really short OR she had very high heeled boots on, I'm just not sure......

Being with this group of wonderful people (and I truly mean that) made me think of some things to be be thankful for. I am thankful for the life God has given me and the kids he has entrusted to me. I am thankful for a husband that gives us a life that allows me to stay home and raise up our kids, and who is supportive of all my kooky ideas. I am thankful for this new path of homeschooling that makes me often wander why I ever bothered with preschool and kindergarten. I am thankful for the great friends I have who are there to build me up not knock me down (thanks for noticing my earrings Angie, ask LeAnne). Above all I am thankful that I know the Lord and that he sent His son to die for my sins so that I could be saved!! What are you thankful for?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Let me introduce you to Keegan Shawn. He was born in March of 2004. He is my second born. The "middle child". He is one of the sweetest boys you will meet. He wants to hug everyone. We describe him as full of life. This kid can do and say some of the nicest things and within seconds change into Max The Horrible.

He was a perfect baby, he LOVED to be swaddled. I swaddled him until he was six months old, the warmer the better. I would nurse him while doing laundry and cooking dinner, the day needed to go along. He was content to nurse for hours, his sister was 5-10 min and done, not this boy he loved his boob time. He was sleeping in his own room by four months of age and could have gone in much sooner cause he was sleeping through the night almost from the day we went home from the hospital.

Then he started walking and soon after that running and after that climbing and jumping. Nothing could have prepared me for him. You would think that growing up with 3 older brothers would have made it obvious how boys behave. I was obviously not paying attention, I was too busy trying to get them to notice me. I have taken him for stitches twice. Too many bandages to count. How many times a day do I say "Keegan Shawn, knock it off...." I say this so much so that Tripp has now taken to calling him Shawn. He loves to live and does it to the fullest. He loves to pee in cups in the car. I swear he holds it until we get in the car just to do that.

Here are some classic things Keegan has been known to say

*Mommy you screamed like a little girl (when a mouse ran past my foot)
*What did I do again, I forgot (when being made to apologize for something ugly)
*Don't touch it, its my lucky miple (pimple on his face)
*Why does he have his hair like a girl (while doing yoga with Rodney Yhee)
*"God, please don't let the poo hurt" (talking to God while on the toilet)
*I think Bain ate it (after finding 3 banana peels under the kitchen table)

We love Keegan and couldn't imagine life without him. He is such a blessing to us. I love him more every day...

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween '08

We didn't go trick or treating this year. To be honest I am tired of the fowl mouthed kids that ruin it for the people with little ones the age that are suppose to be out there. I walked a few houses down to see and elaborately decorated house with the two older kids and we walked pass a group of preteens using words they weren't old enough to use or understand. They were also heavily kissing one another and I mean these kids couldn't be any older than 12 or 13. Then we passed two preteen girls one dressed as a naughty ladybug the other a naughty angel thigh highs and all. What are these parents kids thinking?! I was regretting just walking the few houses down.
I decided to let the kids make there own pizzas and eat junk all night. We dressed in our homemade costumes, danced around and watched movies. It was a great night. I didn't miss walking around in the cold at all, neither did the kids. I think we might have started a tradition. The kids got a kick out of my "Wendy's" wig and my mom who was in town visiting surprised them with the ears and tail. Hope you had fun too!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Blue Eyed Guy

singing happy birthday

getting his birthday gift, a train table

sending off birthday wishes (inspired by nie)

Last thursday Tripp turned 2. It is hard to believe that it has been two years. Time really does fly by fast. I was induced with Tripp since we live over 30min from the hospital and once I get rolling my babies come out fast. I went in on a Monday morning and "labored" all day until I finally let them break my water around four pm. I was determined not to use meds with him since I had a horrible epi headache after having Keegan. I swore never again would I let someone poke me in the back. I kept that promise, instead I used a hypno-birthing technique and guess what?! It worked. Once my contractions kicked in (about 10min before we met Tripp) I handled myself well. They had just checked me and I was around 6cm and a few minutes later I was telling D to get the nurse, but not to leave me. She came in the room like it was going to be awhile restocking the shelves and D said the last time she said the baby was coming his head was almost out, you might want to check her. I must say my man is EXTREMELY helpful when I am in labor, I love that about him. Sure enough at that point Tripp was nearly out, do you know how hard it is not to push?! They are telling me to breathe and I could not control what my body wanted to naturally do. Some where i the middle of all that a Dr came over and asked me if I would mind letting her interns watch me deliver. I believe I said what ever. I am thinking that wasn't the best time to approach me. Not that they had much to see since he slid out in 2 very quick pushes. I must say that I was very proud of myself for doing it natural. It is one of my proudest moments actually. And best of all D was proud of me too. He told every one he spoke to all about Tripp and then would finish it up with and she didn't use any pain meds. I love that boy and the baby that we made together. All blue eyed and looking like the milk mans baby. I am a lucky girl......

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rough Night

I was suppose to have dinner with a girlfriend and her kids tonight. They are the same age as Avery and Keegan and they all get along great. We take turns doing this when our hubbies are working. Well they had been here no longer than 20 minutes and Avery starts yelling Tripp is bleeding and crying. I tell her to relax and go up stairs to find Tripp bleeding quite bad from next to the nose. I asked what happened and Avery told me the rocking horse fell over and he hit his face on the edge of the t.v. stand. As soon as I saw it I knew it would require stitches, I can thank Keegan for that knowledge. So out the door I went and to the ER. It took 4 stitches to close it and he was so good for most of it. Unfortunately the PA that put them in was moving a bit slow so for the last 15 minutes of the ordeal I was wrestling what seemed to be a crocodile so he would hold still. My poor little guys face will now have a scar, but as we like to tell Keegan every time he gets them don't worry "Chicks dig scars!!" My next post will be better I need to post about Tripps bday.

Friday, October 24, 2008

What's your sign....

(2 of my guys, i love them..)

I go to this blog and see what she has to say about homeschooling. She is just starting this journey also and it makes me feel like I am not alone in figuring things out. I went today and she had some great photos and links to see. One that brought me to tears and I thought I would share with you was this one. What would your sign say?!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Camp out

We took the kids camping last night. It was the first time we have taken them to an actual campground and not just out back. It was a great night. COLD, but a great night. The kids had a blast and didn't want to leave. I am rethinking the whole tent thing for next time. It would be nice to have something that was a little easier to set up and for the kids to sleep in. On the homeschool front, we decided it was nice to not have to worry about missing a school day. Just one more tick for the pro side of homeschooling. We took the kids and the dogs to the beach in the morning and let them all run around. We found some more treasures and had a nice time. Memories made that I hope the kids will one day look back on and cherish!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Treasures found......

We went on a family outing today. We had wanted to take the kids on a hike and pick up some nature to identify and collect for projects (this is one of the many aspects of homeschooling that I love). About ten minutes into the "hike" we were being eaten alive by mosquitoes. Plans changed, and we went to the other side of the park to the water. Not quite what we had envisioned but the kids had a blast. The weather was perfect and it was a wonderfully simple afternoon. It was a treasure to watch my kids have fun just being kids and enjoying time with their dad. It was a blessing to have such a warm and wonderful day in the middle of October. #2 dropped trou and went into the water. He was a big sugar cookie by the end of the evening. #3 sat so peacefully on my lap almost falling asleep. #1 and her dad were searching for sand fleas. It was one of those afternoons that I felt like I was watching my family through a movie. At one point driving home I looked back to see #2 and #3 sleeping in their seats while #1 was watching a movie and I looked at my man and said "wow we make some good looking babies, how did we get so lucky?" But you see I know the answer, because God is and awesome God and answered our prayers!!