Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Blue Eyed Guy

singing happy birthday

getting his birthday gift, a train table

sending off birthday wishes (inspired by nie)

Last thursday Tripp turned 2. It is hard to believe that it has been two years. Time really does fly by fast. I was induced with Tripp since we live over 30min from the hospital and once I get rolling my babies come out fast. I went in on a Monday morning and "labored" all day until I finally let them break my water around four pm. I was determined not to use meds with him since I had a horrible epi headache after having Keegan. I swore never again would I let someone poke me in the back. I kept that promise, instead I used a hypno-birthing technique and guess what?! It worked. Once my contractions kicked in (about 10min before we met Tripp) I handled myself well. They had just checked me and I was around 6cm and a few minutes later I was telling D to get the nurse, but not to leave me. She came in the room like it was going to be awhile restocking the shelves and D said the last time she said the baby was coming his head was almost out, you might want to check her. I must say my man is EXTREMELY helpful when I am in labor, I love that about him. Sure enough at that point Tripp was nearly out, do you know how hard it is not to push?! They are telling me to breathe and I could not control what my body wanted to naturally do. Some where i the middle of all that a Dr came over and asked me if I would mind letting her interns watch me deliver. I believe I said what ever. I am thinking that wasn't the best time to approach me. Not that they had much to see since he slid out in 2 very quick pushes. I must say that I was very proud of myself for doing it natural. It is one of my proudest moments actually. And best of all D was proud of me too. He told every one he spoke to all about Tripp and then would finish it up with and she didn't use any pain meds. I love that boy and the baby that we made together. All blue eyed and looking like the milk mans baby. I am a lucky girl......

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LeAnne said...

you forgot to tell about the fabulous screaming rendition of Happy Bday that the Flora kids sang that evening.... : )