Wednesday, November 19, 2008


When we went to the marriage retreat I was crocheting to keep me busy and my mind on the class (this is just how my mind works best). I was making Piper a sweater, her breed does not do well in cold weather. Since she got her first "big girl haircut" she has been shivering with all the cold weather we have been having. So last night I finally finished up the sweater. I ran out of black to finish the arm holes so I improvised with the pink. I love how it turned out and so does she, cause she snuggled right up in it and fell asleep, of course after I made her model it!!


angie said...

That is too darn cute. I'm not even a dog lover and I love that!

Delena said...

I love that! I just learned how to knit last night. Itwill be awhile before I could make something like that, though. I'll be thrilled with a square washcloth.