Friday, November 28, 2008

Turkey Day

We have been visiting my mom and dad for the holiday. The kids are having a blast. Of course they are because they are at Nonie and Pappys house and they are treated like royalty. This weekend starts off our month long break from schooling. I did get a little work book that has a fun little over view of all the states. Something to work on when we are getting stir crazy.

Mom and I went out today on the dreaded BLACK FRIDAY. We only went to AC Moores for some crafting supplies. I am trying very hard to have a home made Christmas this year, so my fingers have been busy. I was able to send off one secret project today. One down like 20 more to go, I have time right?!

Before we left on our Holiday my Dad came for a visit and to escort me on a church dinner cruise. D was working so Dad stepped in. I must say he was a great date. More on that later when LeAnne decides to send the pictures (HINT HINT). For the time being here are some random pictures of Thanksgiving day.

Seriously how much fun are big empty boxes????

It has been a great week, but I am missing my peeps so we will be heading down the road in a few days. You know you guys are excited!! I mean what is a Christmas party without us?!


Angie said...

I'm excited that you're coming home! It has been strange without the other corner here. We have a falling triangle.
I am glad you'll be here for the Christmas party. All the "cool" kids will be here. Ha! Let us know when you're back in town.
Love ya!

LeAnne said...

I am wondering if I still qualify as one of your "peeps" : ) : ) : )

I will get thos e[pix to you soon....promise : ) hurry home : ) we miss you