Sunday, February 5, 2012

A New Year Has Come Again

We have had an incredibly mild winter so far. I am not complaining in the least. My windows have been able to be open almost once a week. We have had a tiny belt of sickness hit us. Again I am not complaining. I am thankful to God for the fact that only one has been hit with the stomach bug. There are four of us walking around with this annoying tiny cold/cough.

Right before Christmas Tripp was in the ER with the croup. That little dude scared us to death. We deal with the croup seasonally around here so we knew what to do and when to finally go let the doctors intervene. He's been basically healthy since. Again another praise for God!

Report cards came out last week and my kids did great. Not that I expected any less. I am pretty blessed in the smart/witty kid department.

Things we are looking forward to:

*The fast approach of the camping season
*Even more warmer weather
*The fast approach of the camping season

okay so I repeated the camping one twice, but seriously I am excited to use my lil' lemon drop again. I know she has missed us ;)

(okay so these pictures were taken in the fall near my parents home in PA, but I felt like I needed some photos. These were before I really knew how to operate my new camera, oh the things I would change now, OH WELL!)