Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rough Night

I was suppose to have dinner with a girlfriend and her kids tonight. They are the same age as Avery and Keegan and they all get along great. We take turns doing this when our hubbies are working. Well they had been here no longer than 20 minutes and Avery starts yelling Tripp is bleeding and crying. I tell her to relax and go up stairs to find Tripp bleeding quite bad from next to the nose. I asked what happened and Avery told me the rocking horse fell over and he hit his face on the edge of the t.v. stand. As soon as I saw it I knew it would require stitches, I can thank Keegan for that knowledge. So out the door I went and to the ER. It took 4 stitches to close it and he was so good for most of it. Unfortunately the PA that put them in was moving a bit slow so for the last 15 minutes of the ordeal I was wrestling what seemed to be a crocodile so he would hold still. My poor little guys face will now have a scar, but as we like to tell Keegan every time he gets them don't worry "Chicks dig scars!!" My next post will be better I need to post about Tripps bday.

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