Monday, November 17, 2008

Sad Day

Thanks to some unkind neighbors we will no longer be able to have "live poultry" in our back yard. We knew it was a crap shoot to get the girls in the first place due to the HOA we are under. However the wording in our bylaws make it so that you can have up to two of any kind of animal, live stock or other wise. Now we also knew this was just a technical error, but we decided to give it a try. It had been a dream of mine to have my own chickens to gather eggs from. I LOVED Little House On The Prairie, and would dream of being "Half Pint". I was a tomboy growing up and wasn't afraid to get dirty. I dream of one day owning a small farmette. A place where we can have a few fruit trees and gardens and yes even some LIVE POULTRY. Nothing huge but a place to get my hands dirty and eat things that we have grown and raised.

For now though I guess the raised part of the dream is over for this yard. I got my nasty gram from the HOA stating that some homeowners had reported that we have live poultry on our property and we have to remove them within 5 days. My girls are quiet and don't smell and are truly pets at this point. They follow me around the yard if I am out while I let them free range. We are able to pick them up and they have been known to come to the backdoor and peck for me to come out. We have a six foot high privacy fence around the entire back yard and the coop is no higher than it. So no one is truly able to see in our back yard due to our positioning on a turn and no houses are behind us, just woods and fields. My kids are pretty upset by the whole thing and they of course do not understand why we need to get rid of our pets, try to explain that one to a 7 and 4 year old.

So now all we will be left with are pictures and the sad knowledge that the eggs we are buying from the store quite frankly suck!!


angie said...

I am so sorry Lisa. Pesky neighbors who are bored out of their minds will always be the ones to step on others joy. It's so sad when you have a bunch of Harriet Oelson's living nearby! Just remember, Halfpint always saw the good in them. (Not real sure how though.)
Love ya

Delena said...

We had a few chickens this summer. What a fun experience. A bit of an experience in the "circle of life" since ours werent' cooped quite as well as yours and became prey. The last one got kinda mean and became dinner last week. And if you can beleive it! We NEVER had any eggs.

Sonya said...

Halfpint always saw the good in people all right, after ma or pa pointed it out...but before that she would go after "Nellie Olsen" and maybe would have shared some of her homegrown eggs with her, maybe over her head!!! Ha Ha just kidding, Angie is the better person darn it...I'll do it :)