Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Project

So now that I have the two older kids in school daytime life has shifted a bit. The time I am having with Tripp has been great. He is a different kid without his brother and sister around. I am enjoying finding his personality, something I was missing out on when the other two were home and needing so much of my attention.

One of my missions while the kids are at school is getting my house back in manageable order. Taking care of things that have been neglected while my focus was so much on the kids. I want to become a housewife/mom again that has somewhat of a grip on the house and daily life/routine. I had lost that somewhere along the way. I had become lazy. It was my own fault. I am okay with this.

Now onto the project that all this "extra" time has allowed for. Below are pictures of the toy room, also known in this house as a FROG (free room over garage). This room once served as the school room when we first started homeschooling, but I quickly discovered that being upstairs for a chunk of the day was not conducive of getting much downstairs work done. In the beginning of spring I ripped out the construction grade carpet that was here when we bought the house 5 years ago. It smelled BAD. I painted the subfloor to help seal out the odor and make it look okay until we could decide what to do with it. Well I have finally figured out what I want done with this room off the upstairs bedrooms/and bath. I am turning it into a room for me!

My goals for this room are:
*to stick to a budget 200-300 dollars max (not including the carpet which is off the roll at HD)
*have a comfy place to sit/relax
*still have a place for some of the kids toys
*move all my crafting/sewing supplies to this room instead of downstairs in the laundry room.

When my Mr is gone away for work I often sit on my bed to watch TV. Being alone downstairs just seems too, well, lonely. So I want a place that has me close to the kids even if they are sleeping and still close enough to my room without being in it.

Wish me luck. I am going to post as the changes start to happen. All the while I will also be plugging away at getting the rest of the house organized again.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wedding Date With The Mr.

Last night the Mr and I went to a lovely wedding. It was a perfect night for it. The details were so cute. Sadly I was only able to photograph a few, since my new replacement camera doesn't let me old SD card hold as many photos. We had a great time. I danced my butt off in heels that weren't made for dancing, but anything for style right?!
* getting ready to leave
*sending off butterflies as they walked down the aisle (do you see the hay bales? that is what we sat on)
*The spunky bride in her short in the front long in the back dress and blue satin shoes
*cupcakes instead of cake. I am bummed cause I was so busy dancing I forgot to get one :(
*Mason jar mugs that held our beverages all night and where then taken home as a gift. Mine might become my new favorite Southern Sweet Tea glass.

*wanted to show a photo of my dancing shoes...and the fact that my neighbor had a wedding on the exact same night, just a different venue. We were joking that it looked like we were ready for prom ;)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

First Day of School Re-do

Well my homeschool friends,our year started out great, loved all the curriculum, the kids were eager to do work (at least most of the time), I finally got a handle on what was enough. THEN my Mr came to me with the news that he would be traveling A LOT for work over the next year. My husband has a job that takes him away from home quite a bit so I live a lot of the time as a single parent. I am 6 hours away from my family and steady help. We live in a larger home with a decent sized yard. I have a lot on my plate. Something had to give. I have been overwhelmed by house work, yard work, my garden is non existent this year. I was starting to lose myself in all of it. I was taking it out on the kids. I had stopped appreciating the time we had together. It was making me pretty sad. So I started praying. Then I started waiting for answers.

There are a few blogs that I check daily, other moms of kids my kids ages. Some are homeschoolers some are not. A few weeks back I read this post from Crunchy Peas. I have always enjoyed seeing what she was doing with her girls in their homeschool. And I was surprised when she posted that her girls were going to public school this year. I loved her honesty. The things she wrote were the very things I had been praying over. I kept my thoughts to myself and continued to wait on Gods answer. Then last monday I read Erens post from VintageChica, and again she put words to my thoughts. God was giving me answers through others words and I finally listened. Last Friday I signed the kids up for school. They met their teachers and saw their class rooms. We bought a few supplies that we didn't have on hand already.

Yesterday I dropped them off at their class rooms and walked out of the little school with peace in my heart. They got off the bus yesterday afternoon glad to be home, and I was glad to see them. They had stories to tell and papers to be filled out and a bit of homework to be done. I love that God answers our prayers. That he speaks sometimes not like a hurricane, but like a soft breeze. We will take this one year at a time, the same way we homeschooled.

Friday, September 10, 2010

I Might Be Crazy

But we let my mom and dad bring a bunny down for Avery. The thing is cute!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

This Past Weekend

The neighbors had a cornhole tourney. See the lady in the white shorts?! She was my partner, she had never played cornhole before...needless to say we didn't last long in the tournament.
My man made it to the final three. That's part of our house next door.
I truly do love my other two kids, but this guy seems to be the only one cooperative when I want to take a photo!
The sky was amazing
We had family movie night under the stars. I HEART doing this big time. Okay so the movie was not the best selection of the night, but still so much fun!
I found out I wasn't half bad at shooting skeet. We may have created a monster!
All I wanted was for this boy to sit still for a quick luck. But we did have a great date while his brother and sister were at the aquarium with their Grandma.

**We made a big decision with our schooling. Not ready to talk about it yet, but soon. Please keep me in your prayers for peace about our decision!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

RIP Canon Power Shot

Soon after this photo was taken my beloved point and shoot was drowned by a rogue wave. booooooo