Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Let me introduce you to Keegan Shawn. He was born in March of 2004. He is my second born. The "middle child". He is one of the sweetest boys you will meet. He wants to hug everyone. We describe him as full of life. This kid can do and say some of the nicest things and within seconds change into Max The Horrible.

He was a perfect baby, he LOVED to be swaddled. I swaddled him until he was six months old, the warmer the better. I would nurse him while doing laundry and cooking dinner, the day needed to go along. He was content to nurse for hours, his sister was 5-10 min and done, not this boy he loved his boob time. He was sleeping in his own room by four months of age and could have gone in much sooner cause he was sleeping through the night almost from the day we went home from the hospital.

Then he started walking and soon after that running and after that climbing and jumping. Nothing could have prepared me for him. You would think that growing up with 3 older brothers would have made it obvious how boys behave. I was obviously not paying attention, I was too busy trying to get them to notice me. I have taken him for stitches twice. Too many bandages to count. How many times a day do I say "Keegan Shawn, knock it off...." I say this so much so that Tripp has now taken to calling him Shawn. He loves to live and does it to the fullest. He loves to pee in cups in the car. I swear he holds it until we get in the car just to do that.

Here are some classic things Keegan has been known to say

*Mommy you screamed like a little girl (when a mouse ran past my foot)
*What did I do again, I forgot (when being made to apologize for something ugly)
*Don't touch it, its my lucky miple (pimple on his face)
*Why does he have his hair like a girl (while doing yoga with Rodney Yhee)
*"God, please don't let the poo hurt" (talking to God while on the toilet)
*I think Bain ate it (after finding 3 banana peels under the kitchen table)

We love Keegan and couldn't imagine life without him. He is such a blessing to us. I love him more every day...


Rob Flora said...

and what boy in his right mind doesn't love his "boob time". Go Keegan!!!

LeAnne said...

Isn't that SO Rob to make that comment? I do LOVE that Keegan.....remind yourself daily of how much joy and excitedment he brings to your life. : )