Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Blue Eyed Guy

singing happy birthday

getting his birthday gift, a train table

sending off birthday wishes (inspired by nie)

Last thursday Tripp turned 2. It is hard to believe that it has been two years. Time really does fly by fast. I was induced with Tripp since we live over 30min from the hospital and once I get rolling my babies come out fast. I went in on a Monday morning and "labored" all day until I finally let them break my water around four pm. I was determined not to use meds with him since I had a horrible epi headache after having Keegan. I swore never again would I let someone poke me in the back. I kept that promise, instead I used a hypno-birthing technique and guess what?! It worked. Once my contractions kicked in (about 10min before we met Tripp) I handled myself well. They had just checked me and I was around 6cm and a few minutes later I was telling D to get the nurse, but not to leave me. She came in the room like it was going to be awhile restocking the shelves and D said the last time she said the baby was coming his head was almost out, you might want to check her. I must say my man is EXTREMELY helpful when I am in labor, I love that about him. Sure enough at that point Tripp was nearly out, do you know how hard it is not to push?! They are telling me to breathe and I could not control what my body wanted to naturally do. Some where i the middle of all that a Dr came over and asked me if I would mind letting her interns watch me deliver. I believe I said what ever. I am thinking that wasn't the best time to approach me. Not that they had much to see since he slid out in 2 very quick pushes. I must say that I was very proud of myself for doing it natural. It is one of my proudest moments actually. And best of all D was proud of me too. He told every one he spoke to all about Tripp and then would finish it up with and she didn't use any pain meds. I love that boy and the baby that we made together. All blue eyed and looking like the milk mans baby. I am a lucky girl......

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rough Night

I was suppose to have dinner with a girlfriend and her kids tonight. They are the same age as Avery and Keegan and they all get along great. We take turns doing this when our hubbies are working. Well they had been here no longer than 20 minutes and Avery starts yelling Tripp is bleeding and crying. I tell her to relax and go up stairs to find Tripp bleeding quite bad from next to the nose. I asked what happened and Avery told me the rocking horse fell over and he hit his face on the edge of the t.v. stand. As soon as I saw it I knew it would require stitches, I can thank Keegan for that knowledge. So out the door I went and to the ER. It took 4 stitches to close it and he was so good for most of it. Unfortunately the PA that put them in was moving a bit slow so for the last 15 minutes of the ordeal I was wrestling what seemed to be a crocodile so he would hold still. My poor little guys face will now have a scar, but as we like to tell Keegan every time he gets them don't worry "Chicks dig scars!!" My next post will be better I need to post about Tripps bday.

Friday, October 24, 2008

What's your sign....

(2 of my guys, i love them..)

I go to this blog and see what she has to say about homeschooling. She is just starting this journey also and it makes me feel like I am not alone in figuring things out. I went today and she had some great photos and links to see. One that brought me to tears and I thought I would share with you was this one. What would your sign say?!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Camp out

We took the kids camping last night. It was the first time we have taken them to an actual campground and not just out back. It was a great night. COLD, but a great night. The kids had a blast and didn't want to leave. I am rethinking the whole tent thing for next time. It would be nice to have something that was a little easier to set up and for the kids to sleep in. On the homeschool front, we decided it was nice to not have to worry about missing a school day. Just one more tick for the pro side of homeschooling. We took the kids and the dogs to the beach in the morning and let them all run around. We found some more treasures and had a nice time. Memories made that I hope the kids will one day look back on and cherish!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Treasures found......

We went on a family outing today. We had wanted to take the kids on a hike and pick up some nature to identify and collect for projects (this is one of the many aspects of homeschooling that I love). About ten minutes into the "hike" we were being eaten alive by mosquitoes. Plans changed, and we went to the other side of the park to the water. Not quite what we had envisioned but the kids had a blast. The weather was perfect and it was a wonderfully simple afternoon. It was a treasure to watch my kids have fun just being kids and enjoying time with their dad. It was a blessing to have such a warm and wonderful day in the middle of October. #2 dropped trou and went into the water. He was a big sugar cookie by the end of the evening. #3 sat so peacefully on my lap almost falling asleep. #1 and her dad were searching for sand fleas. It was one of those afternoons that I felt like I was watching my family through a movie. At one point driving home I looked back to see #2 and #3 sleeping in their seats while #1 was watching a movie and I looked at my man and said "wow we make some good looking babies, how did we get so lucky?" But you see I know the answer, because God is and awesome God and answered our prayers!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The End of the Day

On a good day that dinner was made in time and things are moving along smoothly this is what our home looks like around 6:15. The kids all bathed and ready for bed. The toy room is always tore up, but I guess that is a sign of a good day of play(at least that's what I tell myself to keep from going in there with a large dumpster and pitching everything)! And as I looked at the picture I realized my lovely pup got her tail end in it too 8)

So this week I have been trying to wear a skirt everyday for the fun of it. I like to look feminine and I all too often wear my comfy jeans. I live in those things. It is a nice change to wear a skirt. I have been having a hard time piecing together cute outfits with out looking like a teenager, but that's nothing new for me really. So I thought I would post a picture of me in my attempt to be more feminine. Yes I realize I am wearing a Christmas apron, but I was cleaning a bathroom with bleach and I only payed a dollar at the dollar store for that one. If it got ruined I wasn't going to be heart broken!! Supper psyched about my tshirt I have on though, I only payed 8.50 for it at Lifeway Christian Store.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Well I was lucky enough to convince D it was a good idea to convert the sun room! I had moved out the furniture this past week and started getting things reorganized ( I use that word loosely, but that is for a whole other post) so it would be easier for him to do his thing. This is how far we've gotten. The bookshelves are hung on both sides of the door. D is working on the crown moldings around the door and bookshelves then he will make the desks that will be movable. I want to be able to pull them together in the middle of the room if we are doing art projects and things. I also want to be able to have them run along the wall if we are entertaining and need the extra space. Neat and tidy and out of the way, at least that is what I am hoping for.

(i love this, this is the girls forming a wall to block the kick)

Av played soccer on Sat and let me tell you my girl can play soccer. When she and her little girlfriend get on the field together they are a fierce combo!! I am so proud of her. K and T love to stand along the side lines and watch their big sis, well some of the time anyways...

Other not so great news is that Piper ate mouse poison on Friday. I found the remnants Friday night where she had hid and ate it. So we rushed her to the doggie ER and they gave me vitamin K pills to counter act the poison. I was so upset!! We had put the poison under the oven a year ago before the idea of getting another dog was thought of. Needless to say we won't be using that stuff anymore. The whole reason we had it in the first place was because we have such a TERRIBLE mouse problem every fall. Those pesky little critters take over. I am not kidding they don't even care if you are sitting there. They were running across my floor and up and down my living room curtains last year. I could put up with no more and finally opted for the poison. It was the only thing that finally eliminated the problem. A little stinky in the house for a week or two but at least I wasn't hearing them run across the ceiling and chewing wires in the wall. No joke if I was up late down stairs you could hear them in the walls and ceiling. We are hoping to stay on top of them with traps this year before it gets to that point again. Piper should make a full recovery and needs to continue the VK for 2 weeks.