Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I Want One So Bad

One of these.

I so badly want one of those so I can fix it up and turn it into one of these

Go here to check out all of the great pictures from a weekend with this group of girls. It is all I can think about these days.

For our 11 year wedding anniversary my hubby got me outfitted for fly fishing. Something I have been wanting to learn how to do. I have always enjoyed camping and don't mind roughing it a bit ( I am not a high maintenance girl, lucky for my hubby!!)I just want to look good doing it ;) I am heading home in May to attend an all girls fly fishing school, and I couldn't be more excited. All three of my brothers fly fish and I tend to try and keep up with them, but with three pregnancies and nursing and well you know, I haven't been able to give this one a try! I would love to be able to join in on the fun with the Sisters on the Fly and their glamping (glamor camping). A girls weekend away sounds like loads of fun to me! It all fits into my crazy dream of a more simple life. Slowing down a bit and enjoying what God has made.

Wish me luck!!

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Delena said...

I love those! My inlaws gave us their 1980s trailer a few years back and I recovered everything in camo (which covers up a lot of dirt, by the way) and I love it. It been so much fun. Now I think I want to paint the outside, though, after seeing all those. Can't wait to see what you come up with. And have fun with the Sisters. That sounds so adventurous.