Monday, March 9, 2009

T.F. Part 3

This is my third and final installment of my "Time Flies" series. There were so many pictures I could have posted but I think these were a good overview. So every night when we would get back after dinner and hanging out in the lounges we would come in to find our bed remade and turned down and a cute towel animal on the bed. It was always such a great surprise to see what we would get for the night. Here they are in order.

Now here is where my funny story about a 3 year old comes in. The second night was our dress up night and we were coming back to our rooms after dinner to get a little more comfortable. Well I walked into my bedroom to see a cute bunny on the bed. Next thing you know our friends were laughing hysterically. We quickly went next door to see what was so funny and there towel was shaped something like a male body part. We still aren't sure what it was suppose to be, but boy did we get a laugh. While all this was going on we had left our door open. D had walked back to our room and I was coming in to take my customary shot of the animal and all I found was this:

Yes two eyeballs, I fussed at D thinking he had tossed our cute bunny aside before I had a chance to take a photo of it. He said he hadn't touched it, and I said well I know I didn't what could have happened. Now our friends were in our cabin and we were laughing at the vanishing towel animal when I heard a little one running down the hall laughing. I happened to peak out the door and all I saw was a three year old girl dressed in her nice dress and MY TOWEL ANIMAL trailing along behind her!! Her mom was trying to stop her, she was in a fit of giggles just shear silliness, I yelled down the hall hey she has our towel animal. And her mom said oh is that yours?! I told her to take the good stuff and all she brought out was the towels. It was so funny and we had a great laugh and so the only picture I got of the night was the two little pieces of eyes that were left behind.

we are not sure what this was suppose to be?? A snake, a snail.....?!

We also had an elephant, I'm not sure what happened to that picture
Our final night we walked in to find a monkey hanging from the ceiling, these guys are so talented!

My final farewell photo. Us in the taxi praying for our lives, our driver was a bit crazy with his driving....

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Delena said...

LOVE those towel animals. There must be a week's worth of training for that. Enjoyed the story of the three year old. I can just see the whole thing happening.