Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Buddy!!

My guy turned 5 today. I can still feel him in my arms all warm and cozy swaddled. He was so excited to have his birthday today. First thing in the morning he got his whistle pop, something my mom always did for us. I remember how great it was to get those whenever one of us had a birthday. So to continue the tradition all three got them today and they were blowing away on them. The ones we would get had music inside the wrapper, jolly rancher needs to do that too.

Avery reading her card to him. She made it herself and is was very sweet. She got him a Ben10 watch. He swears he turns into an alien when he turns the dial.

His big gift from us was a big boy bike and helmet. We will be taking the training wheels off the next nice day we have and teaching him to ride without.

I am sure this next picture is going to end up on the blog Cake Wrecks. However I feel I first need to explain. For almost a year Keegan has asked for a banana cake for his birthday. It's what he has wished for every time we send off a balloon wish. So I had to deliver and this was the best I could come up with. He loved it though and that is all that matters.

In the nie tradition we sent off our balloon wishes for Keegan for the up coming year. Now that his banana wish came true he had to think of a new one....

Gone are the days of the big birthday parties. We decided that we are a built in party and we had a great time. We played pin the tail on the donkey, the kids got a wooden whistle and a bubble wand on there plates as favors and we all watched excited at what Keegan received. It was an awesome day.


Donna said...

Wow, Lisa, how can Keegan be 5 already ?!!! Uncle Ronnie said that Tripp was having a frenectomy, how did that go? I "gave" Steven one when he was about Tripp's age ... tugging off a tight turtleneck. He lifted his little arms so trusting like and I yanked the shirt up over his head and it caught on his lip ... oh, my, you never saw so much blood! (Oh, yeah, you have 3 kids ... you probably have!) Anyway, he doesn't hold it against me!

Delena said...

Happy Birthday, Keegan! I love the cake! I got a chuckle about it ending up on Blog Cake Wrecks. I stick to the old rectangle 9x13 with sprinkles because I'm sure I'd demolish any shape other than that. Love the idea of the balloons. And no more big b-day bashes! We're with you on that one. I figure if they never have a huge party they wont know what they're missing. ;)

Renee said...

It's so great to have a birthday tradition like the whistle pops. I never had one growing up and it sounds like a fun idea!

vintagechica said...

Oh happy birthday little man...or, I guess its big guy now.

What a great mama you have for making it so special.

Molly said...

what a happy birthday! and how sweet that your avery got her brother a ben 10 watch.

about planting almonds - we live in zone 9 according to the sunset book. i don't know much about growing almonds, but i know they do well around here - we scouted out trees last summer and went picking. looking forward to having our own almonds one day!

angie said...

That is just too awesome! What a great birthday he had. We may have to steal a few of those traditions. Love you guys!