Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Another Day

It's been another day here in the rainforest we call home. Another day not seeing the sun. Another day of muddy dogs and paw prints on the floor. I am praying tomorrow things will be different, they HAVE to be different. So to cheer myself up I thought I would post some pictures of my emerging fruit orchard.

Do you know what kind of work out it is to dig holes for trees to go in? I ended up with nine trees in all. I dug half of the holes and planted and filled in all 9. How good did I feel after pleading with my husband to please dig a few holes for me and in the time it took me to dig one he had the rest finished? It pays to have a hot husband handy who can dig a hole. Please note the "ugly" face Keegan is making, this because my little photographer Avery was taking the pictures for me. Also note that Tripp is helping. Every time I started a new hole he would yell "I help" and would proceed to put dirt back IN the hole.

Another angle. So now I just wait for the fruit to appear. 4 apples 4 peach and 1 cherry, I can't wait! You can see my sad empty hen house in the back and Tripp still helping. I will be getting some bantam chickens this summer, that way no one will be able to tell if they are chickens or doves. Smart thinking huh?!


Delena said...

That is pretty smart thinking. Way to go.

Renee said...

Is your playset still in the corner there? Doesn't look like it from this view.