Friday, March 27, 2009

The Girls Must Come Home

I can take it no more. I have been without my girls long enough. The girls must come home. I think we will only be bringing one back from the farmer. Hattie is just too loud so I think only our Easter Egger will be coming home. I have also looked into the bantams but they won't be available until May/June.

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Donna said...

Hi, Lisa. Thanks for your sweet comments. Another Lisa from my virtual quilting bee had left an earlier comment and I just assumed it was you. Now I'll have to be more diligent and less assuming! I know I didn't make quilts for your boys, and Avery's is from a time my quilting was in another league (equivalent to t-ball) and I cringe to think of how it might have held up. So now that I'm so "into" this and it doesn't take forever to turn one out, maybe the boys will get one yet. It'll give me practice doing something little boyish for when Benjamin is bigger. Should be getting ready for work; your dad just pulled in and Uncle R. just left. Have an awesome day.