Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's a Miracle

For the second day in a row Keegan has come to the school room ready and willing to work. It is nothing short of a miracle. This work box system is wonderful, a true Godsend. Here is Keegan at our listening center doing a coloring page that goes along with the devotional on cd.

Tripp asks to do "school" too. He sits down at his table and waits for me to give him a work sheet. When he finishes he calls me over like the big kids to see what he has done.

Here Keegan is again working through his boxes. Hallelujah!!

And here is my girl Avery. She is doing her reader from the Sonlight curriculum, it is one of the only things we are still using from them. She too is loving the box system. She got to do a bulletin board game with compound words and 10 min with the skip it on the deck. She is such a great kid for me. She would do school on her head if I asked her to, but with this we are able to do the fun stuff and she loves it!

In the boxes for tomorrow? Science for Avery first and then some regular work and a fun puzzle page. Keegan will then take the science project that she has started and finish it with color mixing, you know yellow and blue make green kind of stuff. I must say this is the first time all year I feel truly organized and together and I am having fun again. That is what it should be about anyway.

Other news, I mowed the front and back lawn today. So begins the never ending cycle of mowing 2 sometimes 3 times a week. And bonus a storm blew in and, wait for it............ it's raining AGAIN!!!!!


Aunt Donna said...

You cut the grass! My favorite fragrance ... I wish you could bottle it. Happy to hear all is well for you. Take care.

Delena said...

I promptly went to the garage and found me some unused plastic bins and we are using the box-method as well. I really like it because I can get everything into them that I want to accomplish and then they can pick what goes first. So far its working well. :)