Thursday, April 2, 2009

Making Paper

Instead of our usual school day we changed it up a bit with some kitchen science. Last night while dinner was cooking I had the kids rip up an old news paper. First thing this morning Avery put it in a bucket of water. This is where our environmental science project began. The kids got to learn how to recycle paper and how we can make new things out of stuff that has been previously used. Okay well that is what I was hoping they got out of it. Really I think they just had a good time making the pulp and playing in it to make the paper. Can I really blame them though?

*so sorry forgot to turn this one This is the paper making kit that I purchased on sale at Walyworld.

Paper and water in the bucket waiting to be re purposed. Note to self way too much paper.

After we turned it back into pulp. This is the point where you would add food coloring it you want colored paper, or even wildflower seeds so you could write a letter to someone and then tell them at the end they could plant the letter and see what grows. I thought that was pretty cool, we will be trying that next time.

Keegan giving it his seal of approval. Of course he like it, it was way more messy than I thought it would be. I will show you the finished projects when they are done drying.

For now here is a random photo of my foot. When I put on my flip flops this morning I noticed this nasty bruise across the top. You would think I would have remembered hitting my foot on something, but for the life of me I have no idea where it came from.

* An update on the work boxes. I truly believe the Lord new I needed this system. I was getting so frustrated with myself and my lack of organization where school was concerned. I was also getting frustrated at Keegan for his lack of enthusiasm. Now the kids are so excited to see what is going on for the day and what center or game they got that they moan and complain when we don't have school. PTL


Donna said...

I love the seeds idea! You come up with some pretty cool stuff (and that thumbs-up it way too cute, Keegan!)

Sarah said...

Thanks for posting on my blog, Lisa! We share many common interests, where we're at in life,etc. so I feel as though you're a kindred spirit without even realizing! ;) I know what you mean about sometimes feeling as though you're the only one that reads your own blog! *laugh*

As for the discovery of new bruises-- this happens to me ALLL the time!!!

Will have to try the paper project with my kidlets- they'd LOVE that!


Delena said...

I'm going to have to try that wildflower paper. How fun. And for the mysterious bruises, I get those, too.