Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekend Project

As stated before here is the finished weekend project. I had wanted something temporary, but better than what I had put up last year. I was tired of stepping over the plastic chicken fencing and the darn dogs had figured out how to get over it and under it. Not only was it ugly but it wasn't doing its job anymore. I was game for some metal chicken wire and some hammered in steaks, but my hubby had bigger plans. This is the final out come, it matches the dog run my dad and I put in last spring. We still needed chicken wire because Piper is able to walk between the pickets without skipping a beat. The bonus of the chicken wire is that the new girls will be able to walk freely in there once they are big enough.

In other news, I started my first Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a Day today. It is in the fridge chillin' right now. I was hoping to get up early to make a fresh loaf for breakfast but forgot that Piper is going to get fixed in the morning. We have to be at the Vets pretty early, so breakfast is going to be a treat at Cracker Barrel.
While reading a new book I was inspired not just to make my own bread more than not, but to make my own butter. So before bed last night I put my heavy cream out on the counter in a canning jar, lid screwed on tight. When I got up this morning I put it in the pocket of my pull over and let it bounce around while I went about my morning business and blessing my kitchen. This is what it looks like when I first put it in my pocket.

This is after it has bounced around in my pocket all morning. You can see how the buttermilk separated from the butter. I poured off the buttermilk and rinsed the butter a few times in cold water and lastly added a bit of salt. I can't wait to spread it on my fresh bread.

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That's way too cool!