Monday, April 13, 2009

Drum Roll Please.......

** I hope I have corrected my technical difficulties. So sorry :)
I give HUGE kudos to my Dad. I thought he was going to let me down after helping my brother with his newly found $50 vintage camper. In the end he found me this 1973 Shasta Compact. I know it might not look like much now, but if you could only see the vision I have in my head you would be SO impressed.

This is going to be my "Beach Bungalow". It will have a fresh paint job and all the aluminum will be shining and rust removed before it is all done. I will be redoing the inside with a beach inspired theme and all the colors you think of when you think of the beach. It will comfortably sleep all of us, hard to believe right?! I am hoping to have a small potty room if not a potty shower combo in her too. She has her original light pink oven that looks awesome except for a few spots of rust on the chrome, and her original gas lamp that looks like new. Oh the fun I foresee us having in this camper. I want great memories for my kids and some for me and my hubs as well. More photos to come as progress is made, I'm sure you are all waiting on the edge of your seats!!!

* In homeschooling news, the year is winding down for us. Avery will be doing a test prep in addition to her math and phonics until her standardized tests gets here. I will be doing light load work boxes from here on out. I can't say enough how much of a blessing this last year has been. It has not been without its ups and downs but I wouldn't trade it for anything. I love watching my kids learn and being with them and encouraging them. I am looking forward to another year of homeschool and being able to teach Keegan how to read and Avery cursive, which she is dying to learn.


Donna said...

I know Avery will excel at cursive writing ... she just seems like she'd be artistic that way. On another note, your picture won't open! I'm sure you're excited about fixing up your camper. It'll be fun to have an ongoing project ( like your family ISN'T an ongoing project! LOL!!) Enjoy!

Delena said...

AGGGGGGHHHHH! Its torture. I can't see the picture, either. Make it stop. Make it stooooooppppp! You must repost some sort of picture and quick.

Sarah said...

Can't wait to see the progress on your newly acquired treasure!!
We're on the downhill slide in homeschool as well...but I'm toying with going to a year-round schedule. Or...that could just be a momentary lapse in sanity after a really successful day too...time will tell!

jAne said...

This trailer is indeed a treasure, and for $50! Plenty of love labor will go into it but in the end you'll have an amazing wee cottage on wheels to toodle around in. :o)

Our first trailer is now the Nora Pearl that Fairmaiden and her Carpenter hubby own. After selling it to them we bought our Lady Jane (big mamoo!) and began restoration. Not much was needed but what it did need was exhaustive in and of itself! My husband put down laminate flooring and my daughter and I made curtains and slipcovers. It's still not done but getting there. With vintage trailers it's never done - always in motion. :o)

I'll be visiting again to see your progress. Sure am excited for you!

We have a few things in common:
* vintage trailers
* Artisan Baking in Five
* homeschooling
* Pennsylvania

I've done Artisan Baking in Five for about 4 months now and love it. I know *exactly* what's going into our bread, the main ingredient *not* being preservatives!

I homeschooled my daughter through high school. She's a college sophomore and has residence in the sweet place of my heart, alongside my wonderful husband.

My father was born in PA, I have oodles of relatives in PA, we sometimes vacation in PA, a couple of my favorite bloggy friends are in PA. Neato. ;o)