Monday, April 6, 2009

My Revenge

My wonderful husband has an IPhone. He uses it not only to keep in touch with everyone and to play games on, but as an alarm. After being startled awake this weekend by the sound of a quacking duck, I've decided to take my revenge. I am going to get this alarm clock that crows when it is time to wake up. It sounds very realistic, they have a sample of the noise on the site. Revenge will be sweet!!!

*I will be posting photos of the garden fence hopefully today. I was just too exhausted to go out and take a photo of it. While hubby installed the posts I painted and then attached chicken wire on the inside. Piper can fit through the pickets and we also wanted to secure it for the new chicks that will be arriving in two weeks. Two days of painting in the sun makes for a tired person when the job is done.


Delena said...

I used to hate my husband's phone alarm because he'd put in it our room and then go sleep in a more confortable place and I'd get to hear it every morning! I've heard those chicken clocks. I wish I could see a video of the first time that thing goes off.

Donna said...

Oh, Lisa, you are too funny! We have a dual alarm clock and it's odd, I don't even hear Ronnie's half the time when it goes off; guess he smashes it off the second it rings. Mine, however, I hear loud and clear, even though it's on his side of the bed and I have to detangle myself from my sleepy-head dogs who wait to get up when I do. (Unless, of course, Ginger thinks there's a piece of fresh buttered toast with her name on it ... then she'll get up, eat, and get back in bed. Whoever said "it's a dog's life" sure knew what they were talking about!)