Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Color Palate


(I am leaning toward this color combo. The blue/green is a bit brighter and I love the two shades of white)
So going along with the whole beach theme/retro camper, I have found two color choices that I am deciding between. I have to decide on the Formica yet, we like all three for different reasons. We will make that decision once I start painting and the floors are down.

I would love to send along some pictures of the inside, but that will have to wait until I take them or I can talk my Mom through the process of sending them as an attachment.

This is the style vinyl I am looking at. I want something easy to clean and still light weight. I think something like this will help warm up the inside a bit.

I hope all of my photos show up this time.


Delena said...

Cool color choices. I like them and love the "wood" floor.

LeAnne said...

I say gow ith number one! Love the bringhter hues on the blue.....SEE???? I do read it once in a while : ) Miss you already!

Donna said...

Hey, Lisa D! Hear you've been busy. Steven had a wonderful experience with your oldest son last evening. Sounds like they really hit it off!