Sunday, October 5, 2008


Well I was lucky enough to convince D it was a good idea to convert the sun room! I had moved out the furniture this past week and started getting things reorganized ( I use that word loosely, but that is for a whole other post) so it would be easier for him to do his thing. This is how far we've gotten. The bookshelves are hung on both sides of the door. D is working on the crown moldings around the door and bookshelves then he will make the desks that will be movable. I want to be able to pull them together in the middle of the room if we are doing art projects and things. I also want to be able to have them run along the wall if we are entertaining and need the extra space. Neat and tidy and out of the way, at least that is what I am hoping for.

(i love this, this is the girls forming a wall to block the kick)

Av played soccer on Sat and let me tell you my girl can play soccer. When she and her little girlfriend get on the field together they are a fierce combo!! I am so proud of her. K and T love to stand along the side lines and watch their big sis, well some of the time anyways...

Other not so great news is that Piper ate mouse poison on Friday. I found the remnants Friday night where she had hid and ate it. So we rushed her to the doggie ER and they gave me vitamin K pills to counter act the poison. I was so upset!! We had put the poison under the oven a year ago before the idea of getting another dog was thought of. Needless to say we won't be using that stuff anymore. The whole reason we had it in the first place was because we have such a TERRIBLE mouse problem every fall. Those pesky little critters take over. I am not kidding they don't even care if you are sitting there. They were running across my floor and up and down my living room curtains last year. I could put up with no more and finally opted for the poison. It was the only thing that finally eliminated the problem. A little stinky in the house for a week or two but at least I wasn't hearing them run across the ceiling and chewing wires in the wall. No joke if I was up late down stairs you could hear them in the walls and ceiling. We are hoping to stay on top of them with traps this year before it gets to that point again. Piper should make a full recovery and needs to continue the VK for 2 weeks.

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