Monday, September 29, 2008

What we've been up to

We got to go for a family/marriage retreat over the weekend. The kids had a great time and we did too since it was all paid for by my husbands work. They provided nanny services while we were in class and all our meals were paid for. You can't beat that!! I crocheted the whole time. I know it might sound crazy but I was able to focus on what the speaker was talking about while I kept my hands busy. I am terrible at sitting still for too long. I was able to finish a dog sweater for Piper. It is black with pink argyle, I'll post a picture soon.

Now on to my ideas for the upcoming weekends. After 2 months of schooling the kids in the playroom/schoolroom I have decided it is no longer working for me. It seemed like such a cozy room at first. T had things to play with and as long as the room stayed tidy there weren't too many distractions. The problem is the room never stays tidy and I have to kill my self to stay on top of it. Of course I make the kids clean up, but it seems inevitable that school stuff ends up on the toy side and toys on the school side. I get stressed out just walking in there. My kids have far too many toys. Mostly bought by well meaning relatives that live too far away to enjoy the kids and so they guilt themselves into send along presents and bring things whenever they come to visit. Back on subject, I can no longer stand to be in that room to do school. SO we have a sun room down stairs that doesn't get used like it should that would be great to have as a school room. I am hoping to convince D to convert it for me in the next few weeks!! Wish me luck!

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