Monday, September 8, 2008

Gosh its been awhile

It has been nearly two months since I posted last. I'm not sure where time has went. For starters we have been homeschooling for almost that same amount of time. It has been going great. I think! K started preschool today and I have mixed emotions about that. It might be a short lived preschool experience this year. We have had such a nice rhythm going on that it seems to have disrupted it today. So that might be a rethink in the next few weeks. A started soccer and just loves it. What I love is that it is a home school league and she is making friends with girls her age doing the same thing. It was quite refreshing to be around people that get me and aren't constantly questioning the decision we made for our family.

Next a "girls" update. Hattie is still the only one giving us eggs. I just got to watch her lay one this afternoon, it was pretty cool. I have also figured out that I am now a fresh egg snob. I went home to visit Mom and Dad and they only had store bought eggs, needless to say I only ate a few. Who knew how runny and watery store bought eggs were. The new chicks are adjusting to outside life. They are being picked on a bit but with size and time it will get better. I think we are going to be giving back one or two of the Rhode Island Reds. They are mean as the dickens. We need to make a bit of room for the new ones anyway.

Finally my garden. It is coming to a close for the year. I was hoping to get a fall crop in but decided against it for now. I am looking ahead to next year and trying a new planting method and hopefully will be able to produce enough to do a farmers market once or twice a week next year. I will keep you updated on that as it goes by.

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Gosh... The soccer coach must be awesome...

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