Thursday, September 18, 2008


It is getting late as you can tell by my time stamp. BUT.....I just had to post these photos of what I did this evening while watching Fools Gold, gotta love that Red Box. I truly could have done a trillion more things but I am so glad I made this instead. so here it is...

my AUTUMN pendant. It is hung over my kitchen window. After looking at these photos I realize that I need to take my curtains down and iron them...oops ;)

What I love about this project is that I used one package of paper that I got out of the dollar bins at Target. I also got the chip board sticker alphabet that coordinated. I then tied the whole thing together with cotton string. I think I might have unleashed a monster. People are going to come into my house and ask why I have a banner in every room and down the halls. I just love this, and it is so much quicker than doing one from cloth.

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