Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Massage Envy

I know I know two posts in one week. I say this as if someone is actually checking my blog....Well I have a funny story to share so I thought what the heck I'll do it here. So when I went home to visit over Labor Day weekend I got a MAJOR migraine. One like non other I've had for a while. I actually got sick from the pain. Now this obviously isn't the funny part of the story, at least not for me. Well since then I have had a terrible knot in my left shoulder by the shoulder blade. So after a failed attempt at getting my dh to rub it out for me I buckled and made an appointment with a masseuse. This great place called Massage Envy just opened up down the road and they were offering a $39/hour rate for your first visit. I jumped on it. So dh meets me in a parking lot after work and we swap the kids and I head for my massage. This is a true luxury for me since I am rarely without the kids and if I am it is usually to go to a Dr appointment or something that is oh so "relaxing". When I stepped up to the reception desk the girl behind the counter was finishing up booking an appointment for one of the therapists that was standing there. She thought she was being funny but I didn't quite get her humor, and believe me I get funny. All I could think was "Oh please Lord don't let her be my masseuse" Well as luck would have it she sure was. She was quite chatty and talked even to fast for me a times. But I get on the table an await my massage. All was going well and we were about 15 minutes into the massage. I was a little uncomfortable cause she was not applying enough oil to let her hands glide, it was more like getting an indian rub, but I was doing okay, when all of a sudden she stops what she was doing. She gently touches my arm and says "Will you please excuse me?! I have got to go to the bathroom all of the sudden. Don't worry though you will still get your full hour." What?! Okay what was I going to say to that " no you have to hold it" So my ever peppy self says sure no problem. 10-15 minutes later she shows back up. I'm guessing she didn't just need to pee. And laughing she says "How embarrassing, but when nature calls what can you do?" I nearly fell off the table. So much for a relaxing massage, not only did she break contact which you aren't suppose to do, but she left me and then finished 5 minutes sooner than she was suppose to had she NOT used the bathroom. I had to find humor in it all or I would have been mad. I do not like to get people in trouble, especially when they truly believe what they did was okay. So if I ever do go back needless to say I will be requesting someone else. All that aside the place was beautiful and the rooms were supper nice.

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Freddy O said...

Make sure to let the Massage Envy clinic owner, not the manager, know what happened & ask for a complimentary 30 minutes tacked on to your next 1 hour session (50 minutes hands on) at the clinic.
Good luck. (& yes others do read blogs)