Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Phenomena in PA

At a home somewhere in south central PA there is something strange happening. If you look closely at the trees around the yard there are things other than branches and leaves growing.

Some have tie out pegs growing from them.

Others have dog collars.

Others yet have kids, oh wait I think he climbed in there!

Look another dog collar tree, I thought they were called Dog WOOD trees.
This is a special tree that actually grows its own jars for canning its fruit.

**Now if only they would start growing money.........


Donna said...

Now where can I get a cutting to plant the one that grows the cute little boys? Mine are way too big now!

Lisa ... you're a hoot!

Enjoyed having you and the kids around this weekend... you should have come back Monday; I actually cleaned up the kitchen/craft room!

Delena said...

As soon as you find that money tree, I want a start.

essklein said...

I LOVE THAT...I am just wondering where the dogs are? :)
Thanks for the laugh!!

Lisa said...

Unfortunately most of them are under the trees that their collars are stuck in, living in the root section...