Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Hard Day of Fishing

Friday night I made the 20 min. trip from my parents home to my brothers house. He lives at the Yellow Breeches, which is suppose to be some of the finest fly fishing in PA. When we got to his house I looked over his camper that he is redoing and then he had me get my fly rod out. He makes bamboo fly rods and they are beautiful, I asked for one but only time will tell if I get one. We then went out front for a quick prelesson of sorts, I believe he just wanted to call me an idiot a couple of times and laugh at me for my lack of fly casting skills. I forgive him though cause he is my brother and I know he was really proud of me for wanting to try and lets face it boys never seem to grow past that punch you on the shoulder cause they like you phase.

Saturday morning brought a lot of note taking and listening to stuff that made no sense to me. I didn't let on though, I smiled nodded and wrote my stuff down all the while thinking of what I would be planting next in my garden and what my dad was doing on the camper for the day. If you know me then you know I never really enjoyed this part of school, I get bored easily and I hate to sit still for too long.

After lunch we did some more practice casting and then went and spent two hours on the breeches. This by far was my favorite part, let it be known I will not be winning any awards for my world class casting any time soon. I had fun though getting back into the water, its been too long. Please excuse my crazy eyes in the photo, I was telling them what button to push when the snapped it, but you get the idea. This was after my fishing adventure. I had quite a few bites, but no luck of actually bringing one in. I will definitely go again whenever my hubbs can get some time to take me.


Delena said...

I commend you. I watched my husband fly fish one time and decided right then that it was too complicated for my life. Good for you. Hoping you get a fish soon!

essklein said...

I am glad I didn't go with you, those waders would have been who know where!! :)

Renee said...

As a mom, it's important to find time for yourself somewhere. I'm glad you were able to find this.

fairmaiden said...

Lisa, So nice to meet you. How exciting you got your dream vintage trailer to fix up 'beach style'. Love the colors you have picked out. I will look forward to seeing the progress. Did your Dad really find it for $50!? We bought ours for $2ooo from friends of ours 4yrs ago. We haven't done much to it yet. Our friends are the ones who painted the inside white with the mint green cabinets and she made the cafe curtains. I just put a new rose shabby chic curtain in the kitchen window and have added vintage beachy decor, put in wood flooring, and painted the beach blue stripe on the exterior. My hubby just resealed the roof. But we plan to recover the cushions and replace all the curtains with rose shabby chic ones. I want to repaint the stove/oven in beachy blue. It is so much fun. Our dear friends whom sold her to us, bought a bigger vintage can go visit her at They just took a trip and have photos.

leanne said...

I thikn you are crazy but I love you in the waders. BTW...I see Sonya was invited. I see who you love! :)
home soon