Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Big Thank You

I came home this afternoon to a box sitting on my kitchen table. To my surprise it had my name on the front. Do you know how exciting it is to get an unexpected package?! From the return address label I knew it was coming from my Aunt Donna. i opened it up and this is what I found. Three vintage aprons she found at a yard sale for an awesome price.

And my really big surprise Tupperware parfait glasses, lids and all, that she got off ebay with the winning bid of .99 !!! Aunt Donna you ROCK. Thank you so much for thinking of me! All will be used well and will hold a special meaning to me when I bring them out. I love the colors of my aprons, I so need to start going to yard sales.

For the rest of my pictures I thought I might give you a little sneak peak into what has been going on in my garden lately...

These are my favorite roses. This little rose bush was limping along and so I cut it way back a few weeks ago. It obviously did the trick, and the fragrance is awesome.

I transplanted these last year half way through summer. I really didn't think they would make it, but I really didn't care cause I hated where the previous owners had them planted and it is nearly impossible to kill them off. Well they came back healthy as ever this year. I am hoping to grow them up over my garden gate.

This is my climbing rose bush I have been fighting with for two years now. This is the first year it has actually done anything. I still get upset when I go past my old house and see my beautiful climbing rose bush that I remember planting. The lady was so nasty that bought our house I have often felt like sneaking in and digging it out!! But that wouldn't be very Christian of me so I say a prayer instead and keep driving.

And last but not least here is just one of my veggie beds. I love seeing all the green coming to life. I get so much joy out of walking around my beds and seeing what has come up or cutting a fresh salad. If you don't garden there is just no good way of describing how much better a salad tastes when you are the one that grew it!

On a different note I have braved WalMart again, it wasn't nearly as painful as I thought it would be......


Donna said...

Happy to have the opportunity to make you smile! Enjoyed seeing your pretty springy-ness ... we're not quite there up north as it is! Have a good day and give the youngun's a hug for us. Baby Ben's improving a bit more each day; one month from today I'll be there with him!

Delena said...

Your garden is looking awesome! I just planted mine two days ago, so I'm a bit behind you. Also, I found a little treasure I'd like to send you if you're comfortable giving me your address. Its not vintage aprons, but I liked it so much I bought one myself. ;)