Wednesday, May 6, 2009

No Good Day

***what he normally looks like "happy heart" and all

While mowing the lawn this afternoon I had composed a fabulous blog post. In my mind while pushing the mower back and forth I had used colorful and funny words to describe my day. Now that I lay here in bed I have lost the energy and fight for the day. So to make a long story short Keegan threw a HUGE tantrum in WalMart today. I stuck to my guns and refused to leave and while putting my groceries on the belt the lady ahead of me gave me a very unpleasant look said something ugly to the cashier about me and rolled her eyes at me again. She should not have rolled them twice, I allowed my frustration and mouth to get the better of me and told her that her rolling her eyes wasn't making my day any easier and she proceeded to tell me how she had raised two children and they would never behave like that or she would have been courteous enough to leave the store with them. I must tell you all it took all I had in me not to ram her with my cart, think Fried Green Tomatoes style. I applauded her ability to raise two perfect children. I had a few more unpleasant exchanges and then she got her bags and left. The cashier apologized and said she understood what I was going through and the woman should not have said anything. She asked if it was over a toy and I said no he just wanted to sit back inside the cart. Now let it be known I carry a wooden spoon with me for when my kids get out of line. I believe in a pop on the bottom if my kids are being disobedient. My kids are RARELY disobedient. I just wander if that woman felt better about herself for making the life of another mother a little harder for the day.

Keegan spent the better part of the afternoon in his room, once he came down from his frenzy he realized it was not okay. He then started crying for making me upset because he was sorry. Then this evening in true Keegan form when he was getting dressed for bed he asked me "Why do these bumps on me get hard when I get cold?" He was pointing to his nipples, my response?! "They just do" Even though he embarrassed the pants off me today, how can I not love him? I'm sure I have plenty of days when I do the same thing to Him and even on those days I can rest my head at night knowing He forgives me and still loves me too......


jAne said...

We've all been there - even that woman who attempted to deceive you into thinking her children never threw fits. What a difference she would have made by coming alongside and offering an understanding heart. sigh.

Your little guy is adorable. :o)


Delena said...

I remember the morning all too vividly. I was at Target and my youngest, the one with the iron will, decided to melt down in major form. I have never been so embarrassed or so shamed because of the looks I received from so many people. I had never had a child act like that, but everyone assumed I was some white trash mother with bratty children. It changed my outlook, though. I now have compassion for those mothers who I may have looked down upon prior to this experience. I was praying that someone would just help but instead they just judged. I didn't have the guts you had though. I would have paid money to see that exchange! Good for you.