Saturday, January 24, 2009

Small Moments

My girlfriend LeAnne and her family welcomed a new baby boy into the world on Thursday. I am pleased to introduce Carter Owen. He is beautiful, his hair is unreal and he smells like heaven. Oh how I miss little baby parts. You guys are awesome!!

I had a quiet mid morning today. I indulged in some crochet at the local Starbucks. I of course had my usual Iced Chai. It was great to sit for about 45 minutes of undisturbed crocheting. Check out my hook, it is bamboo. My parents got me a whole set for Christmas. They fall into a close second place to my husbands surprise gift of a family photo book he put together all on his own that I LOVE immensely. If you have never crocheted with bamboo before I can't recommend it enough, they rock! Mom got mine at Joanns sizes e-k. Did I mention I love my bamboo hooks??


Delena said...

My friend uses bamboo knitting needles and raves about them. She said I learned the hard way with metal needles. I think I want to try crocheting.

vintagechica said...

Oh, crochet and starbucks...heaven.

LeAnne said...

What a sweet sweet pic of that baby! so precious.... send me that one