Friday, January 16, 2009


I have totally bailed on my blog. Since the last post it has been a flurry of getting ready to start our new school work. What a difference an organized curriculum makes. I know they are not for everyone and they might not even be for us forever. Right now though, where I am on this homeschooling adventure, it was totally what I needed. I was just feeling so lost. To be honest, I wasn't doing bad on my own. The difference now though is I am reading to the kids and they are enjoying it and engaging in conversations about what we have read. It is great. I do spend more time in the school room, but I love that too. I feel present finally in what is going on. Avery still amazes me with how smart and focused she is. Then when I thought for sure that Keegan was not absorbing any of it and I was ruining him for later learning, he pulled another trick out of his hat. He sat down yesterday and decided to do math. He counted the objects and wrote the number for how many of each. I was blown away. I didn't even know he could recognize that many numbers. He doesn't like to perform for me. Since he is not quite 5 I have not pushed school time on him, cause technically he doesn't need to start until he is 7. I figured he would catch on when he was ready. Who knew he had been listening all along!!!


angie said...

thank you for that encouragement with Keagan. Sometimes I think I may have started Zoe too early, and then she goes and surprises me. By the way, we finally did a science project Thursday and it wasn't as painful as I thought it would be! See ya soon. PLAYDATE!

Delena said...

Good for you on your progress! Homeschooling is hard for moms. I find myself frequently second guessing myself about what I'm doing, if they're learning enough, how do they "stack up" to everyone else. But there is so much more to HS than grades and norms and all that. I'll pass on some sites, maybe you've found them already, that I've found helpful. Its so worth it and sometimes we have to be reminded why we do it. Am I rambling.... I'm rambling. I just get fired up when other moms do the same crazy things I do :)