Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Camping We Will Go......

After a busy morning/afternoon of soccer.  We are heading out for a two night camping trip.  The Lemondrop has not been used enough this year.  I hope to remedy that over the next month or so.  Homeschooling should allow us the flexibility right?!

And just so you know how serious we are about soccer here are some shots of them in action.
 Keegan making his opponent work.

Avery leaping over the boy 3 years older than her to stay on the ball.

And Tripp (#1).......he adds chaos and confusion to the players....hehehe I love that boy.

.....and just so you know, I jest about the seriousness of our soccer playing.  I just insist that they do something.  I think a being part of team is an awesome life lesson.

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