Thursday, September 6, 2012

What We Have Been Up To

Since I last posted summer has finished up.  It flew by this year I swear!!  I have some photos to upload of some of the things we did this summer, I am going to share the start of our school year instead.  I have brought the kids back home for the beginning of this year.  I had thought I would homeschool them all year long, but after some more thought on the matter I am only keeping them home until the start of the new year. 

 Why go to that trouble you may wonder?  Because I am going to my hometown for an extended stay during the holidays.  My kids would have needed to miss 7 weeks of school, which if you have kids in the school system you know doesn't fly.  So besides using this opportunity to help my girl get some math facts mastered and letting my boys be boys we are just enjoying this little break.  

Tripp (K)

I love the idea of homeschooling.  I KNOW it works.  In my head it is awesome.  In my reality it just really doesn't fit.  My husband has a job that requires him to work away, a lot. I am left to hold down the fort.  Some can do it with ease it seems but when I try I feel like I lose a little of myself.  Then I spend sleepless nights beating myself up over my lack of abilities.  Which I know are lies, but things my brain tells itself none the less.  

So here's to hoping the next 4 months go by with ease and as little complications as necessary!

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Delena said...

Good for you! I hear ya with the "beating yourself up" bit. I'm sure you're doing a fine job, because you're the mamma and you know what's best. :)