Thursday, September 27, 2012

Camping Movies

So our family loves to watch movies.  It's our thing.  Well really its my Mr's thing, so we happily go along with it.  Anything to promote family time is good for me.  So with the upcoming camping trip I am on a hunt for some fun fall-ish movies.  The real problem is watching something my kids haven't seen before or very little (when I drive home it is close to 6.5 hours in the car, they watch movies to pass the time).  

Besides being on here from time to time, I also instagram.  I follow a handful of people on there.  Well one of the girls posted a photo of the movie The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr Toad.  Apparently a Disney classic, none of us has ever seen!  SCORE!  Sadly it won't get here in time, but it did give us the suggestion of Hocus Pocus, which we have seen very little.  So off to Target I go to pick up a copy.

So are there any other movies out there that are family friendly I should know about?!  Suggestions are always welcome.

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