Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Vacation is in my Future

*from our date night this past weekend, pretty happy after 4 months apart ;)

This boy and I are getting ready to spend 7 glorious days our selves. This is our first vacation alone since we went on our "honeymoon" 12 years ago this month. I hope we remember how to talk to one another....... Pictures will follow! I hope you all are enjoying your summer. It is HOT here, 103 on my outside car temp today. CRAZY

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Delena said...

How fun for you! I'm so glad you can get away. I'm jealous. ;)

I've been wanting to tell you we bought a '56 trailer. Its a Dalton I think. We're in the process of cute-i-fying it. May take awhile ;) But I'll post pictures sometime.