Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Old Bike

Since I gave an entire post to the new bike, that should be arriving in about 10 days (seriously can't they move any faster?? Patients is not my strong suit), I thought I should at least give a shout out and quick photo post of my always faithful beach cruiser. I call her my mango dream. I special ordered it 11 years ago after seeing it in an add in a magazine. I had to have that orange bike, what is truly strange about it though is that my favorite color is pink, not orange/mango! Something about it in the sunset picture just called my name. So I searched out a local dealer that could get it in.

Recently in my search for a european bike I came across some dutch bike accessories that I just LOVED!!! One of them was the handlebar flowers. Loved the idea was not going to pay the price plus shipping to get one. So I set out to make my own. And this is what I came up with. It is actually for my new dutch bike, but I gave it a go on my beach cruiser for now to get an idea of what it was going to look like. I love it!! I love the peony and all its creamy goodness!!!

And of course I had to do something for my girl too. I hate the stage she is at in her bike owning. My poor girl is a bit like her mom and on the "petite", ok or some just say flat out "short" side. So our options for bikes are very limited. We did get her a beach cruiser that she used for about 2 years and this is a pass over bike from our good neighbors. I would love to get her something cool too, but I either have to pay an arm and a leg or they just don't have it in her frame size (which is around 20" or maybe a little less)....So for now we are dressing up the one that was gifted at a good price (free) until she has some vertical growth and we can get her a reasonably priced one from good old Wally World. I think she is soon in need of a bigger basket.....

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