Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My New Bike

I have had my mango Earth Cruiser for 11 years. It still looks brand new. However it is terribly heavy and it was not quite what I was truly looking for. I have gotten my moneys worth from my bike, and I will keep it as a back up. But I was getting antsy for something a little more retro. I knew what I wanted but the beach cruisers I would find weren't quite it.....then I discovered Dutch bikes. You see it wasn't a beach cruiser I wanted at was a european style bike I was looking for. And now I have one that will be here in the next week and I am sooooo excited!!!! These things are built to last and the back racks and front racks aren't just for looks, they are to be used. I like that a lot!!! I still need to order a front head light which I found on a different site, but for now I am just sooooo happy to get the bike! And now here she is:

**click here to go to Republic Bikes. Image from republic bikes gallery

Seriously how cute is that bike???!!! I am thinking instead of a basket I am going to use an apple crate. I mean won't that just look perfect, can't you just see little Piper sitting in it peaking out. Now just to get that silly dog to sit still and enjoy the ride.......


fairmaiden said...

I love the european bikes. We have a shop downtown that sells them. But I like the comfort of the beach cruiser seats best and I'm a Cali beach girl so I'll keep my cruisers.

Lisa said...

Ahhh valid point Fairmaiden, but my bum hurts on any bike seat I sit on. Most ride cruisers here around this beach town, but I am going to buck the system and roll Euro-style!!!

p.s. I do love how your pink cruiser looks parked up against the Pearl, so I totally understand ;)

fairmaiden said...

Well, I went and checked out your link and now I'm more in love with the euro bikes too! I went to electra and shwinn websites too...they both have cruisers and euro-style and I like both.

ANNNNNDDDDD...I wish I had a sister too!!!! I have one brother whom I'm very close to, but now that I am getting older I wish I had a sister to share my life with and sit on a porch in our granny chairs(someday)! Too bad we didn't live closer so we could be sisters. YOur kids remind me so much of mine when they were little. They look a bit wild now because they are all creative types(we did alot of art and nature projects while homeschooling), but they are still sweet as pumpkin pie and they looked like sweet lil kids 10 yrs ago:)

Lisa said...

now you see my obsession!!!

Your kids are good looking and unique. I like that. Remember I am a hairstylist so I get their fashion. Wouldn't it be fun to sit on rockers and chat some time?? My 3 brothers call me daily, but they don't like to hear about girl "stuff".

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I'd love to join the "rocker" sit with you two! It sounds fun. This bike looks wonderful. I used to ride my bike to the beach all of time when I was growing up and then ride up and down the strand. My brother made a surf board carrier in metal shop so he could take his down there. My husband told me he made the same thing :-)
Beach boys :-)

Lisa said...

@ Marcia- I see those surf racks all the time here....although I'm not sure what they are surfing on since the East Coast is a bit lacking in the wave department IMHO ;)

@fairmaiden and marcia- I'll bring my southern sweet tea, can't rock on a porch without it!!!

Delena said...

I love it! You have GOT to hook that to the back of your trailer and hit the road. But get a picture!