Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Good Day For The Beach

My kids play the best together at the beach. I was feeling a little bogged down with house work that needed to be done. My cure?! Come on kids lets go to the beach. It was just what we needed and I was able to come home and get some much needed things down around the house and outside.

It was the perfect not too hot kind of day and a little overcast. But that was okay I didn't mind and neither did the kids.

Once on the beach they quickly made some friends. Three sisters the same ages as my three, God sure knows what he is doing :)

Some crabs were found and shared and examined.

This ham and I were messing around with his beach hair. I love that he loves for me to take his picture, well most of the time.

Then we had to do one together of course.

Then Tripp had to take one on his own. I love his technique, point, shoot, doesn't matter what the subject is!!

One of my favorite parts of the beach we go to....The Shower. This was the end of a good afternoon. I like that we can be spontaneous like that, it keeps life interesting.


Eren said...

I swear we're going to run into each other one of these days. Love that beach...although we think its our beach. ;)

Lisa said...

Eren- I look for you every time we go!!! Waiting for that day! We call it Daddys beach ;)