Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sailing Ships

We had a fun morning in our little homeschool. I have finally hit a groove and figured out a loose schedule that really seems to be working. I have started using my much loved work boxes again and I am enjoying teaching MFW so far. The key was for me to figure out I didn't need to follow the schedule the way they had it. I am doing my portion of the teaching first thing and then letting them move on to their independent work after and helping with anything I need to explain as they go...pretty simple solution but my thick head took awhile to let it seep in ;)

So most of the fun came in part to us making the three ships that Columbus sailed across the ocean on. Avery made the Santa Maria, Keegan made the Pinta, and I made the Nina. Tripp and my hubby also participated, Tripp made a taco boat(he usually sees tin foil around his tacos at the mexican restaurants) and my hubbs made a viking ship(his did the best....figures) We walked across the street and set our little ships to sail in a large pond and I am happy to report that all made it to the New World, some in better shape than others, but then I guess that happened to Columbus too!!


Delena said...

Fun. Is that part of the curriculum? I haven't gotten that far, I guess. We're planning on started on Monday and I'm terrified!!!! ;) I'm not ready!

Lisa said...

yes delena we are finishing up the second week and now that i have figured out a schedule it has been great!! The kids really enjoy it and they have little things to do every week like this. bonus is that most of the stuff you have sitting around the house. They are also enjoying science because i have it together enough this year to actually do the experiments and not just read about them!! Don't be nervous you will do fine and it is a super easy curriculum!!! I'll send up a little prayer for you on monday morning.

Rockin' C said...

How cute is that! (The boats & the kids!) We are definitely going to have to do this at our lake!! LOVE IT!!