Monday, August 10, 2009

Our Weekend Away

My husband took us away for a weekend in the woods. We stayed in a log cabin built in the 1700's. It was cozy and fun. These are just a few of the moments that were captured. We also did our Christmas pictures while we were there but those are for another post in a few months as to not ruin the surprise. We came home with some good memories a few bug bites and unfortunately for Keegan poison ivy.


Delena said...

How totally cool is that cabin! We're reading one of the little house stories, so I'll have to show the kids the pics.

Lisa said...

That is what Avery said about it. She thought it was like Laura Ingalls house. Of course the bathroom and the full size loft were added later, but it was cool. the kids loved the way all the interior doors looked, a block of wood on a screw...It smelled like fire wood and was really cozy.

Janna said...

In response to your globe question ;o) There were two plastic prongs holding it to the base at the bottom, one was broken because the globe was thrown/knocked down by the three year old. I duck taped it, making it basically usable. The second one broke from a two vigorous spin. I had a feeling it wasn't going to be sturdy, and I should have gone with that instinct. ;o)

Your weekend at the cabin looks wonderful. I would love to find a lttle spot like that to vacation!