Monday, May 21, 2012


Friday night started with a date night with my boys.  My girl was at a sleep over.  After watching half of the Avengers Tripp decides he doesn't feel well.  I spend the rest of the movie in the car with him reading my Kindle.

We head home and in our neighborhood we get pulled over for rolling through the ONLY stop sign in our gigantic loop.  Thankfully he saw the two sleeping boys in the back and just said try to stop the whole way next time ;)

Saturday morning was spent at soccer with Keegan.  He has decided he hates the sport.  Thankful it was our last day of it.  Looking into tennis for him. 

 Then I spent the rest of the day putting in my veggies.  I am so proud of this picture.  If you could have seen the insane mess this area had been you would understand the work I put in. On my own.  A great sense of accomplishment to say the least.

The weekend ended with Tripp in the drainage ditch on his big wheel.  Obviously the big wheel won. Praise God it wasn't the other eye that has had surgery.  Gods mercy is great!

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