Monday, June 4, 2012

Kerr Dam

This past week I let the kids play hookie and we drove 3 hrs to Kerr Dam.  My girlfriend and her extended family camp there for a week every year.  I love her and her family enough that I blow off my day to hang with them for about 6 hrs before we jump back in the car and make the 3 hr return trip.  I am just that crazy.

It was just what we needed.  I dug my toes in the rocky sand.

 Watched my kids and their friends play in the water.

 We wore big hats and found treasure.

And took a quick snapshot at the Dam before heading home (please note how thrilled some look).
It was a nice break at the end of the school year.  This is the second year going.  I hope to be able to camp with them next year since we are diving back into homeschool.  

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.  I spent mine watching Snow White and the Huntsman Sat. morning.  After the movie fun I spent the rest of the weekend staining our very LARGE deck.

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kerrie of sea cottage said...

We all need to getaway now and then. I remember going on such adventures with my kids. So back to homeschooling? My baby will be a senior this August. All four of my kids still tell me they are thankful they homeschooled. My youngest two attend/attended our public H.S and like it but more than that they love college at our local community college. My youngest can't wait to join his sister there and all of them are transfering to University. Holly was accepted to UC Berkeley which is a dream come true...she is the one who graduated homeschool 2 yrs early and began at the community college where she has been an honor student. She is the one who thanks me the most for homeschooling her. How was Snow White????