Monday, October 26, 2009

Things I Learned Camping

It was his birthday and he had a blast!! The question who ate who?
Things moved quickly from this

To this.....The smoke from the campfire was unyielding and the wind was relentless. This made for a not so fun campfire experience.
This girl had soccer on Sat morning and she made a goal(well she always makes a goal) and she loves camping
Please notice the boy in the green shirt in the tree....why yes that is Keegan in a tree again. I swear he should have been a monkey. The kid without the shirt is not mine, but a friend.
Piper had to be embarrassed and wear those booties that you see lying there in the photo. The sand spurs were TERRIBLE they alone have made me never want to camp at this state park again.
After a HOT Friday night and Saturday afternoon we woke up to a windy cold Sunday. These are the friends we went with, and Avery.

Lesson 1: Never camp at fIrst LanDing state park again, unless we have no kids or animals along.
Lesson 2: Never camp again with out the Lil' Lemondrop, does this really need an explanation??????
Lesson 3: Refer back to 1 and 2.
Lesson 4: Make sure everyone is on the same page as you when it comes to cooking and being prepared......

Other than that there were memories made and some fun times had. Oh yeah one thing on the plus side, the shower rooms were nice so I give them an A+

***Delena Thank you so much for my lovely surprise in the mail. Your kind words were much needed and appreciated more than you will ever know!!!


fairmaiden said...

What are sand spurs? We learned alot in the early yrs. camping too. And that is why once we found a place we love, we never go anywhere else! Camping with your lil lemondrop will be a much better experience. We tent camped for 15yrs. and still have to use the tent if our whole family comes, but the 'Pearl' is like having a little cottage. We eat at the table together and play cards in the late night. We rarely have campfires now because the smoke is always bad. And we can't live without our Coleman stove...gotta have one to cook everything on. We have a stove in the 'Pearl' but it has a gas leak, so we don't use it anymore. Hubby will fix it one day. Do you have a stove in the lil Lemondrop?

Lisa said...

Fairmaiden sand spurs are these little balls of very sharp spikes that grow on some of the grass near the shore here. HORRIBLE is all I have to say. I have tent camped all my life but my back just can't take it anymore. The boys, I'm sure will do the same thing once they are a bit bigger. I had a Coleman stove along but the wind was that bad coming from every direction I couldn't use it either. The lil Lemondrop does have her original stove installed and checked out by my grandpa who does heating and air. The best news my hitch was installed today and I am going home to pick up lil Lemondrop this week.

Delena said...

Looks like you had fun. I agree with #2 and you should NEVER camp w/o Lil Lemondrop. Never.