Monday, October 12, 2009

Meet Les

This is Les, I call him Daddy(yes I am 31 and still call my dad, daddy, so?!) he is also known as Pappy. My kids LOVE him, of course cause he is an awesome guy, I know cause I love him too. Since April my Dad has been helping me(well doing most of it) rebuild my Lil' Lemondrop. It is almost done, I just need to get my behind up to PA to put the finishing touches on it. He does this for me cause he is like that, and he does it happily, well most days.....

The other thing about my Daddy you should know is that he has worked hard all his life as a bricklayer. He has worked so hard that he has lost some of his hearing from the heavy machinery and noises that come along with a construction site. This often leads to interesting conversations and replies because he may or may not hear what you are talking about. For instance on one of my birthdays before kids my parents took me out for dinner. The waitress asked him what he would like on his salad and he replied "Pepsi", she looked at him odd but smiled politely. Now mom and I were sitting at the table laughing so hard that we could not correct him and he couldn't understand what was so funny. In the end I think he got Italian dressing or something on his salad. These kind of things happen often.

He also may do some funny things from time to time with out thinking(Daddy I'll save you the embarrassment of the "hamper" story). So this leads me to tell you what occurred this very morning before my parents went home from their visit. I was getting the boys dressed for the day and was looking for wipes to freshen their bottoms with. Dad said there were some down stairs, now I was surprised as I thought we were out of wipes, but I asked if he would get them for me. So a minute later he was back with the "wipes". I said Daddy those arent wipes for your bottom they are CloroX wipes in a decorative container for cleaning up after the boys in the bathroom. He said "Uh what do you think would happen if you would use them for wipes??"......Needless to say I was laughing pretty hard at this. I think it is safe to say although not recommended if someone might accidentally mistake said "wipes" for actual wipes you will be okay.....I love you Daddy!!!

***please note I also LOVE my Mom who is equally as awesome, but just doesn't do the things Dad does. So mom your post will come later about something different, maybe those great bags you whip up!!!


fairmaiden said...

This is such a cute post. Your Daddy is the kind of man I admire. My hubby works hard in Construction too and his hearing is not too good anymore either. But I love when men work hard...I think they we're all born to do it. Your Daddy is a good example for your boys to take after and I'll bet they are learning so much by watching him! Glad you had a wonderful time with your parents. I think you look like your Dad. But I haven't seen your mommy yet.

angie said...

All I can say is LOVELY!