Sunday, October 18, 2009

Second Wind

For the last month or so things haven't been the greatest for me. I have had a lot to deal with internally. I am still prayerfully dealing with these private matters, but in the mean time I have finally caught my second wind. I have allowed school to slack just getting by doing math and spelling most days, but no more. Tomorrow I will be going at it head first. I need to start putting the pieces back together so my life is something that I recognize. The rest I am leaving to the Lord to get back on track. I thank Him daily for the great friends(who have become my family)that I have to lean on and listen and care so big it makes me emotional to think about. I am so glad I serve and awesome God whom I can run to in all the peaks and valleys of my life. It is truly humbling to know His love and understanding never ceases!!!


essklein said...

Theres my girl...I am seeing the "spunk" that I know and love!! I love the picture too. Makes me want to go on Vacation, this rain is killing me!!
Love You!!!!!!

Delena said...

I hope all is okay in your world. I've noticed you haven't been blogging much. Hope you're doing okay. I'll send a little prayer up, or a big prayer, that you will have strength. :)

fairmaiden said...

He is with us in all seasons and He has purpose for all those seasons too. I'm glad to hear you are stepping slowly while leaning on Him. Cling to His wounded side. Bless you beautiful!