Thursday, February 5, 2009

Squeaky Clean

Before I had kids I kept a mean house. I wiped down the doors weekly and did my dishes by hand just because. I was always painting something or working on this or that, and I was always ready for company.

Then we started having kids, and with one I did okay. In fact it looked pretty much the same but with a small, I mean small, pile of toys. Along the way though more kids were acquired along with even more toys.

I find I struggle daily with just staying on top of things. As the kids get bigger so do the messes. The fact that they are home all day every day makes it even harder. Although I wouldn't give up my kids for all the clean houses in the world. I am somewhat hard on myself, and I am sure what I call a mess isn't that bad, it just isn't up to my standard.

So today after taking school on the road to Cracker Barrel for a late morning brunch, I came home and tackled the kitchen head on. In my opinion if the kitchen isn't clear and clutter free, no matter how clean the rest of the rooms are, the house just doesn't feel clean. Am I the only one that feels this way?

My floors will need mopped again, but I am done for now. It feels so nice to walk into a squeaky clean kitchen. Now for the next room.

*edited to say when my dad saw this post he told me to quickly leave the room and not to go back in it for a few weeks, you know to keep it clean...daddy have faith, i am capable of doing that while still using the kitchen, it wasn't that bad before...


Delena said...

That's funny. I just read another blog of someone who posted pics of her home, but it was a bit, well, um.... messy. Yours looks lovely! I totally get the messiness factor and the need for some order amongst the chaos. I can hardly start school until the house is picked up and in some sort of order.

angie said...

That is the most awesome blog in the world. That should be on the news. I love how you explained it, it's perfect. Your house looks great!