Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Love and Spring

My weekend was spent doing a lot of this with my love:

Today was spent doing a lot of this, because I have been pretty slack with school. Not totally neglecting it, just not doing as much as I could. So now the next week or so will be a lot of catch up work.

In the hopes of getting out of my February Funk I also spent time finding spring. I found this bit of spring in the front flower bed (which desperately needs mulch).

This is one of my soon to be semi-dwarf orchard trees. I am planning a postage stamp orchard in my backyard using only semi-dwarf or dwarf fruit trees. I am only planting 8 this year, 4 apple and 4 peach. I am planting in a box shape with 3 trees on the ends and 2 in the middle. I am leaving a hole in the middle with the hopes of having an intimate space to have dinner or a place to lay out a blanket and read books or do school.

And last here is a photo of some tulips I gifted myself today. It was a rough trip through WalMart with Keegan and to reward myself for not blowing my top in front of everyone and looking like that mom I got these to brighten my day. I usually would go for red or white, but am so glad I chose the yellow, they really made my kitchen cheery.


Aunt Donna said...

No spring here ... winter storm being tracked for the next couple of days. I love your posts ... I haven't figured out how to do the picture - text - picture - text - picture thing. My pictures all lump together if I put more than one in the same post. I guess I'm more computer illiterate than I care to admit! Enjoy time with your family. You're a special young lady!

vintagechica said...

Oh yes....my sweet was home too...amazingly this is only the second valentine's day we've shared together. Can't wait to see your postage stamp orchard. So cool!

Delena said...

I love it when the bulbs start poking their little heads out. It gives me such hope that spring will actually come around again!

angie said...

I wanna see all your cool new stuff. When do we get to play:)