Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Little Painting

For fun and science we painted the solar system today

The kids had a great time. Whenever I give them a craft they are so content.

They all love to be creative, and the part they loved the most?? Wearing WalMart bags to cover their clothes.

Our morning will be assembling them and hanging them from the schoolroom ceiling.

This was part of our dinner tonight, the kids loved that I was being so slack. This is a true treat for them, I usually don't make dessert unless it is for a birthday. I could have taken more time with the decorating, (okay lets be honest it looks a bit like poo on top) but they were moist, delicious, and hit the spot. Tripp told me " i yuv chocyat"


Aunt Donna said...

Lisa, they look yummy! Tell your youngun's that Pappy and Uncle Tommy were up to see Uncle Ronnie yesterday. Tommy said it's the first time he's been to our house in 7 years! He had the day off and just decided to take a four hour drive! I think Ronnie really enjoyed it. Thank you, and thank you for your kind words. Yes, a year already. I saw an old man using an electric scooter/shopping cart at the grocery store and I just broke down. I used to take dad to the store every week until he was too weak to go anymore. Man, it's rough. Take care.

Delena said...

How funny. We're studying the solar system, too. Good for you for creating your system. We just borrowed one of those kids that makes them rotate and orbit. But now we need batteries for it, so its not quite as cool as it sounds.

angie said...

Wow! I am so out of the loop. I haven't looked at your blog in a couple of weeks. I won't miss any more now. I love everything you've put on here. Love the pics of "my" baby. (Maybe I should say "Sean's baby".) I miss you! We need to get together. Love ya