Sunday, November 25, 2007

we Survived

we just got back from our trip to PA. it was a nice visit home and Nico did great. my parents handled the surprise well since i couldn't keep it a secret before we got there. she seems like a great fit to the family. i am signing her up for COT to teach her basic manners. can't wait for her to get her stitches out from her spaying so that we can get her smelling a little better.

the kids had a wonderful time with their nonie and pappy. although as my dd gets bigger she cries when we have to leave. she sure does miss them. i hate that we live so far away. while home we went to the local farmers market and i had number 3 in his Mie Tie carrier that i made. i had two girls stop me and ask where i got it from and of course said i sewed it myself. they asked if i sold them and i could kick myself for not having my business cards for my etsy shop with me. *note to self make those asap*

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